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Please click here if you would like to look for Six Sigma and Lean trainings/CEF reimbursed Six Sigma course with ISSC exam.  Please click here for the reasons registering with ISSC.

About International Six Sigma Council (ISSC)
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The ISSC is a non-profit making organization of quality practitioners and subject matter experts that saw the need for standardization in the Six Sigma and Lean field.


The mission of the ISSC is to promote best practice and standards in all areas of Six Sigma, Lean and Quality fields.  Through examination and registration of Six Sigma and Lean Quality professionals, ISSC helps to assure the standard of Six Sigma and Lean qualification and support the business, non-profit making and public sectors to employ qualified Six Sigma and Lean people.


The ISSC is governed by 2 bodies, the Examination Board and the Executive Committee elected by registered members of ISSC; and is supported by an Advisory Board consisting of Six Sigma companies and University professors majoring in Six Sigma and Lean field.   

No commercial Operations

The ISSC will not produce products or services in competition with commercial firms.  The ISSC believes that it can best encourage the broadest range of products and services for the quality profession by providing encouragement and assistance to individuals and organizations, rather than by competing with them.   The ISSC believes that it is unfair for a non-profit making organization to engage in commercial activities and partnerships and it inevitably leads to fewer products and services being available to the professional.

The ISSC will encourage the development of products and services for quality improvement by providing reviewer services, notifying its members of opportunities, providing access to the ISSC community, and promote a diversity of offerings for its members.


The ISSC provides professional registration for the following titles:

Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt (CSSYB)
Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSGB)
Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB)
Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt (CSSMBB)
Certified Six Sigma Champion (CSSC)
Certified Six Sigma Trainer (CSST)
Certified Lean Practitioner (CLP)
Certified Lean Leader (CLL)
Certified Lean Master (CLM)

ISSC also welcomes corporate members who are/will be running Six Sigma and are interested to help ISSC to pursue its mission.

Catalyst Principle

Through its members, volunteers and corporate sponsors, the ISSC will strive to provide a community in which the members can interact with one another for the improvement of quality and achieve the substantial gains.

Our Address:

21/F, Pico Tower, 66 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel:  2135-9666    Fax:  2135-9673

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